Our Sheep

Brentwood Farm raises earth friendly grass fed lamb for local and regional markets. Our mission is to raise healthy and happy sheep for outstanding lamb meat and wool. We selected 2 heritage breeds of sheep, St. Croix and Finn. Both were chosen carefully to meet our goals of production as well as for their ability thrive in our area.

The St Croix are a beautiful, gentle hair sheep that are parasite and hoof rot resistant. They are great mothers and are a very hearty sheep. The Finn are also a very gentle and friendly wool sheep that are great mothers and have lovely fleeces. Both are very prolific breeds with mild flavored meat. They are not as large as commercial breeds, but their traits outweigh the size difference, making them a perfect fit for our farm.

Our lamb meat is a mild flavored meat that we have processed at a USDA processor. We are able to offer multiple cuts throughout the year and we can also take special orders for individual cuts or even a half or whole lamb.

The wool of our lovely Finn sheep comes in multiple colors; white, chocolate, silver and piebald (spotted). We sell the wool either raw (unprocessed) or as roving that is ready for spinning or your favorite felting project. Our sheep currently are shorn in spring with hopes to begin shearing in the fall as well.